Tuesday, August 28, 2007

City city city

This is city.
This is not enough.
We are many, we need more.
We are getting complex.
We need new order, we need.
Who are you?
Why are you whining like a dog-whale-girl-bitch?
Who? Why?
You speak, you lay down your papers,
your construction.
Look around the city.
There are millions of us here.
There are thousands of cities.
City is how we are here.
You speak, you tell us how you are telling us.
Look around.
You can stay here, now go.
Go, or tell us something that we millions didn`t hear.
Did you see something, did you hear something.
There are million times many eyes in the city,
the ears everywhere.
What is it,
that we don`t see, that we don’t hear?
We have thought a lot.
tell us something we haven`t thought of, or begone.
You don`t seem to get it.
This is thousands of millions.
This is what you see.
Citizen, go on now.
There is a city behind the doors, waiting.
You had your time now, go.

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